…from generation to generation

There are many things that are passed down through the generations, many are individual to each family and some are essential like riding a bike, learning to swim and how to boil an egg…(possibly). For me it was crafting; sewing, knitting, cross-stitch, paper crafts and baking. And now, i consider these my essential lessons from the previous generation, especially my Nan.

During my childhood i spent a large amount of time with my grandparents and to keep me entertained i was immersed into a world of yarn, fabric and my Nan’s sewing machine. My Grandpa also had crafty talents and for many years knitted all of my school jumpers and my favourite white and pink bobble hat with homemade pom pom.

Like all long term crafters my Nan used the small bedroom in her house as the sewing room, always piled with yarn and fabric, the 1970’s clothes doll and hidden pins on the carpet under a variety of multi coloured threads. For me its was an aladdins cave of treasures and produced a staple supply of summer t-shirts, frocks and the fashionable hair scrunches to match all my outfits.

Present day, i now really understand the pleasure and addiction of making things, whether it be for a practical use, a loving gift or just for pure indulgence. So, this is a thank you to my Nan for passing down through the generations all these wonderful skills and today, i promise to continue the generation line to my three boys.

My generation inspiration
My generation inspiration

The learning curve…..

WOW!! …..over the last two weeks i have been on a massive learning curve while i try and kick my small little business of the ground. Facebook and Twitter have been my two comfort zones and so far the fun part of my journey, but i have also had to step out into the big girls world of Etsy to make a serious attempt at success. Im sat with my laptop and my completed Etsy shop framework almost too scared to place the first item on there, just like waiting to open exam results. I have begun a selection of orders which has really given me a boost, but is addictive and i just want more. One lick of the chocolate covered spoon is just not enough. So to all my friends, family and new follows keep it coming :)) Watch out soon…….i will post some pics here very soon, and the update on whether i placed my first item on Etsy.

………………here it goes!

Im sat here in my dressing gown filling with excitement and a little fear. This is my first blog ever and after spending the last 2 hours finding my way around WordPress i am so pleased to be posting.

After years of crafting i have finally taken the plunge and decided to set up the small business i have always wanted and share what i enjoy making. This blog has been created at the start of my journey and will document  all of my stumbles and steps as i achieve my goal.  I will share my inspiration and my passions along with those moments of mental block….arghhhh!!!

With three growing boys, husband, house and the day job (boo) there will be many manic times, lots of question and possibly a few tantrums (and that’s excluding the kids), so watch this space!