New Year Resolution …………… and its not a diet!!

WOW!!! Where does the time fly? My commitment to this blog over the last few weeks and has been nothing short of RUBBISH!!

So, my New Year Resolution for 2014 is to take care of my blog, enjoy it and share it with as many fantastic people as possible. This should not be too hard really as i do like to talk….. a lot!

November and December for me and my little business was scary and full of little highs and some disappointments. Every sale i made and every positive comment i received was just fantastic, but being early days the sales were few and far between and dare i say i had my dark moments where i thought i should give up.

But, I’m still here and full of positive energy. There are so many great times of the year coming up to express in my craft that i am going to have to be all grown up and start getting a Business Plan/Ideas Plan together to ensure that i have many more highs.

The one strong support i have had over the last few months has come from the amazing people on Twitter and the fantastic online meetings and events hosted every week. One amazing such event is the Handmade Hour every Wednesday 7:30 to 9:30, which is full of the most talented crafters and artists as well as lovely, supportive people who are my online friends and support network. It is my guilty little pleasure on a Wednesday night curled up on the sofa in my pjs and fluffy slippers.

Check them out

Twitter – @HandmadeHour and @HMNation

also on Facebook – Handmade Nation


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