…….is it love or just an addiction??

So, on one of my many happy walks around the craft shop I spy with my little eye some amazing yarn that just calls to me. No hesitation no real thought involved but I look in my basket and already 3 large balls are there.
The name itself is so inviting….Candyfloss!!! And the colours are amazing.
It didn’t take long before I had it on my crochet hook

It calls out to be a scarf and so it became

With so much pleasure from the first ball the second was close behind, it’s so soft and makes up so quickly

Surprise surprise it became another scarf he he he 🙂

Still have a third ball of yarn to play with and it is now becoming difficult to decide whether it’s love…..or just one massive addiction!

Yarn – Thomas B Ramsden – Robin – Candyfloss


Dreaming in Circles ……….

When we start with a craft we start with the basics and basic shapes, mine was the crochet circle. Once mastered my brain went into overdrive…..how many ways could I use this fantastic disc of colour?…….

At first the obvious came to mind….coasters!! My face lit up as I started to think of all the great colour combinations I could play with.
I love coasters and probably have an unhealthy obsession with them but they are so useful and can be easily changed for different seasons, occasions or just for fun. This is so much easier now I can make my own when I fancy a change.




So where to go after the coaster? Well it was Christmas and inspiration was all around me….one cold winter evening these fantastic creatures were born, my Snowman, my Penguin and my Robin!! All made the same way but each with their own personalities. I love these fellas and are a firm favourite in my family.



So…..if I could make a flat circle surely I could take one step further and go 3D. Oh yes!!!! It was bauble heaven, and I can say I will never buy another bauble now I can make my own. I was a kid in the yarn store with a mad smile on my face.


But with Christmas a distant memory where to next…… EASTER!!
And I once again I turn to the humble circle for my inspiration. Its a fantastic blank canvass that just gets my mind racing with ideas…



What to try next….blankets? Cushions?table mats? I could go on and I will.
Me and circles are firm friends.