All this social media…… i getting it right?

So, I’ve been sat at this computer now for 2 hours catching up on all my social media admin…….there is loads!!!! and as much as i love meeting new people, the fab items they create and the interaction with people who have the same crafty mind, I’m questioning will all this effort turn into sales or do i need more…..or less?


I can’t deny my visibility on both Twitter and Etsy has grown, but not into sales and really, thats what all this is for at the end of the day.

So as it stands i have Etsy, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and pinterest plus my own Website, is this enough or too much?


I think today i am feeling a little down hearted that success is a slow process.


Anyone else feeling this way or having the same issues?

Or, are you successful and have any great tips to share?

I would love to hear your comments

Cat x

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