Day One ………… (again!)

Okay, I have had this Blog for a little while now and its been badly neglected. I had a mad social media time where I was trying it all to get my name, products and services out there and NOTHING!!!  I felt seriously rejected and to be honest I went cold on most social media.

However, it is still my dream to have a crafty life, work and at home and so I have picked myself up, dusted off, surrounded myself with creatively minded people and started again. so this is Day One …….again!

Im going back to what I feel like is the basics, designing, teaching, creating and most off all sharing and connecting with the craft community. I am a naturally social chatty person and have really enjoyed getting back into contact with other fantastic creative souls.

I have recently joined a local craft group, once a week to face to face engage, share and enjoy different crafts and continue to find great inspiration for my makes.

So this is my fresh start and I promised to no longer neglect this Blog, another addition to my crafty social life.

Stitches from the Sofa Crochet Design
Stitches from the Sofa Crochet Design

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