Jam jar beauty

so, it’s another morning scrabbling around trying to find my blusher brush   time ticking away, can’t find it so go to work looking like a ghost 😳 
That evening, after cooking a lovely pasta dish, I save the jar ( I have a jar thing) with my other jars and have a light bulb moment. 💡of course!! I can put my brushes into the jar, jar next to the mirror, problem solved. 

Okay, so this is obvious and I’m sure many of you do exactly the same thing and I haven’t invented the wheel so to speak he he he😋 but it was a great opportunity to try out a simple crochet pattern and some lovely cotton yarn from DMC, Natura Just Cotton range. 

I received this yarn from a lucky dip bag from Frank and Olive, fab crochet designs, check them out! 

Thought as it was cotton it would be perfect for the bathroom, it was a pleasure to work with and has a great soft finish to it. It’s my first time using it but not my last, and I am looking forward to exploring the colour range and upcycling more jars!! 

This yarn would certainly make up a beautiful summer shawl or blanket along with some great summer picnic/BBQ table accessories, watch this space I think that might be the next project with the left over yarn.