I’m so excited……..

last few weeks I’ve really enjoyed myself, as well as being really nervous too! 

I’m taking the plunge and launching my own Crochet Monthly Subscription Box in November. 

I’m sooooo excited, as this gives me the opportunity to share the crochet love as well as great accessories from other great hand makers and designers. 

So how is going to work?

I will list the no of boxes available on Etsy 3/4 weeks before the month. Each box ordered will be delivered the 1st week of the month. 

Each box will be themed and will include a crochet project that can be completed that month along with lots of special accessories and a fab newsletter sharing the great designers and makers involved in the box. 

This is November’s hint……  
So check out and like my Facebook page to be ready for the launch …..


Coming soon

Cat x


After the wool has settled……

Wow!!!! This weekend was 3 days of pure wooly indulgence. 

The Bristol Wool Fair had a fantastic second year in its new farm location, with its usual fantastic friendly atmosphere and amazing choice. 

Now, where to begin……?

Day one!!! My shopping day 😆

Well it was such a pleasure and i got to purchase a much wanted Yarn Bowl from the very talented Emily Cross 

And now has pride of place in my craft room , thanks Emily x

 The beautiful makes from Pickle Lily  one of my absolute favourites also came home with me as a start to my Christmas shopping……. How good am I ?😇
The fantastic Toft Alpaca Shop were there with this fantastic free pattern in the programme. Really looking forward to hooking this beauty to add to my growing collection.
Now it wouldn’t be a wool festival without a few wooly friends
Day two was workshop day, using my maths brain to make beautiful soap from goats milk and playing with ready made soap for homemade soap balls, great fun and more ideas for Christmas gifts. 

The afternoon was a fantastic workshop with Rosie from Rosies Moments dying my own yarn, thoroughly enjoyable and so personal. I now have Tardis Blue yarn to make socks for my son for Christmas. Thanks Rosie x

They was also a lovely harvest supper evening involving, good food, good music and plenty of wooly crafts.

And to top it off I got to endulge in my favourite  ice cream from the fabulous Shepherds ice cream………made from sheeps milk. Mmmmmmmmmmmm delicious!

Thank you to fab organisers for another fab fair. Roll on next September 2016!

Cat x

It’s almost here……..

In less than two days it will be the 2nd year of the fantastic Bristol Wool Fair. I had the great pleasure of being a part of the Fair at the beginning last year and am looking forward to being part of it again.

This really is a bringing together of all things wool in all its glory ( including the amazing live animals it comes from)

Below is a timetable of all the great events throughout each day which is on top of a huge array of craft stalls, workshops and great food ( I can highly recommend the Sheeps milk ice cream)

I will be there as Stitches from the Sofa running a crochet workshop to make Winter Boot Cuffs, along with many others, there are still tickets available.

On Saturday night you can join in a Harvest Supper for food, drink, talks, music and any wool project you want to sit and chill with. Tickets are still available

This is just a small portion of what the Bristol Wool Fair has to offer and plenty for a weekend ticket.

Check out the website


Last year I had the great honour of producing a pattern for the programme. To get you all in the mood I have attached the pattern below.



You will need:
Yarn A – Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky Merino Wool 50g – Cream Yarn B – Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky Merino Wool 50g – Black Sheep Buttons (Milward) 1 or 2, your choice!
White Mug – 24cm around / 10cm top to bottom
Crochet Hook UK 6mm

Ch – Chain
DC – Double Crochet St – Stitch
BS – Bobble Stitch

Bobble Stitch:

Yarn over, place hook into the stitch, yarn over and pull through (3 loops on the hook). Repeat this into the same stitch 3 more times until there are 9 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all 9 loops. Ta Da….. a bobble!


Main Body (Using Yarn A)

Ch 10
Row 1. Not counting the loop on hook, DC into 2nd Ch from hook. DC into all St until the end. Turn. (8DC)

Row 2. Ch1. DC into first St, *BS into next St, DC into next St *, REPEAT TWICE *-*. DC into last St. Turn (3BS, 5DC)

Row 3. Ch1. DC into first St, DC to the end of the row. Turn. (8DC)

REPEAT Rows 2&3 – 14 times, ending on Row 3. Fasten Off. (Measures 24cm long)

Using Yarn B

Attach Yarn B to one end of the main body. DC into every St to the first corner. 3DC into the corner St. DC into every St on the short edge to the corner. 3DC into the corner St. DC into every St along the last long edge until the end. Fasten Off.

Strap (Using Yarn A)

Ch 5
Row 1. DC into 2nd Ch from hook. DC into next 3 St. Turn. (4 DC)
Row 2. Ch1. DC into the first St. DC in all St till end of the row. Turn. (4 DC) REPEATRow2 -8times.(Row3-10)
Row 11. Ch1. DC into 1st St. Ch1, Miss a St, DC into last St. Turn. (2 DC) Row 12 – 15. REPEAT Row 2 – 4 times. Fasten Off.

Attach the strap to the main body to fit through the handle of your mug.
Sew on your button(s) to the main body to match the button hole on your strap. Attach your Mug Hug to your Mug, Enjoy!

 Cat x