The lows, the holiday and inspiration!!!………………….

Well, its been awhile and I’m feeling very guilty for my neglect. I have however feel that i have been in a position many new small businesses, especially crafters have been in before………..the very slow beginnings  of sales and the low this brings with it. Anyone in the sporting world or even the everyday gym bunny will always talk about the time they “hit the wall” and that is exactly how i felt into the first few months of this year. I spent time over Christmas and New year designing my Easter range and had many fantastic comments and interest, and then it all dried up and i only made a few small sales. I started to question myself, was selling my craft a good idea, should i keep going? was what i was making good enough and different enough?

One Lonely Chick!!!!


To my relief my thoughts were interrupted by a fabulous family holiday to Croyde (North Devon), a week of beautiful landscapes and a touch of great British sunshine. It was the usual swimming, evening entertainment, ice-cream and many games of beach cricket. Then one day we went for a walk, one of my favourites up the cliffs to Baggy point!  It was on this walk that i suddenly felt some inspiration and a desire to begin designing again.

Striking Yellow in the Sun
Striking Yellow in the Sun


The beautiful bright yellow flowers on the gorse bushes were all around and shining bright in the glorious sunshine. It was at this point that i realised i had not brought any yarn or hooks with me and i suddenly experienced Crochet Withdrawal……..NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So throughout the holiday i began to gather more and more inspiration from the environment around me, the cliffs, the beach and of course the sheep and their beautiful lambs.IMG_5023DSC_1353DSC_1342


So, home and newly inspired i share a sneaky peak at my Juicy and Coast Collections, ready for Summer!


Happy Spring…………….lets bring on the Summer xxx

…..Spring is here!

There is is beautiful glow in the sky, it’s so familiar and it brings a smile to my face….. The sun is here and so is the start of Spring.
I opened my yarn stash box and all these colours began to jump out at me, the sun making then bright and vibrant.
And with my love of circles within a couple of hours I had created a ‘Juicy’ Spring inspired coaster set


I began to dig further into the box and suddenly realised I had all the colours of the rainbow …… So I had no choice but to make a rainbow


Spring has finally sprung in this house and colour is top of the creative list.

…….is it love or just an addiction??

So, on one of my many happy walks around the craft shop I spy with my little eye some amazing yarn that just calls to me. No hesitation no real thought involved but I look in my basket and already 3 large balls are there.
The name itself is so inviting….Candyfloss!!! And the colours are amazing.
It didn’t take long before I had it on my crochet hook

It calls out to be a scarf and so it became

With so much pleasure from the first ball the second was close behind, it’s so soft and makes up so quickly

Surprise surprise it became another scarf he he he 🙂

Still have a third ball of yarn to play with and it is now becoming difficult to decide whether it’s love…..or just one massive addiction!

Yarn – Thomas B Ramsden – Robin – Candyfloss

Dreaming in Circles ……….

When we start with a craft we start with the basics and basic shapes, mine was the crochet circle. Once mastered my brain went into overdrive… many ways could I use this fantastic disc of colour?…….

At first the obvious came to mind….coasters!! My face lit up as I started to think of all the great colour combinations I could play with.
I love coasters and probably have an unhealthy obsession with them but they are so useful and can be easily changed for different seasons, occasions or just for fun. This is so much easier now I can make my own when I fancy a change.




So where to go after the coaster? Well it was Christmas and inspiration was all around me….one cold winter evening these fantastic creatures were born, my Snowman, my Penguin and my Robin!! All made the same way but each with their own personalities. I love these fellas and are a firm favourite in my family.



So…..if I could make a flat circle surely I could take one step further and go 3D. Oh yes!!!! It was bauble heaven, and I can say I will never buy another bauble now I can make my own. I was a kid in the yarn store with a mad smile on my face.


But with Christmas a distant memory where to next…… EASTER!!
And I once again I turn to the humble circle for my inspiration. Its a fantastic blank canvass that just gets my mind racing with ideas…



What to try next….blankets? Cushions?table mats? I could go on and I will.
Me and circles are firm friends.

New Year Resolution …………… and its not a diet!!

WOW!!! Where does the time fly? My commitment to this blog over the last few weeks and has been nothing short of RUBBISH!!

So, my New Year Resolution for 2014 is to take care of my blog, enjoy it and share it with as many fantastic people as possible. This should not be too hard really as i do like to talk….. a lot!

November and December for me and my little business was scary and full of little highs and some disappointments. Every sale i made and every positive comment i received was just fantastic, but being early days the sales were few and far between and dare i say i had my dark moments where i thought i should give up.

But, I’m still here and full of positive energy. There are so many great times of the year coming up to express in my craft that i am going to have to be all grown up and start getting a Business Plan/Ideas Plan together to ensure that i have many more highs.

The one strong support i have had over the last few months has come from the amazing people on Twitter and the fantastic online meetings and events hosted every week. One amazing such event is the Handmade Hour every Wednesday 7:30 to 9:30, which is full of the most talented crafters and artists as well as lovely, supportive people who are my online friends and support network. It is my guilty little pleasure on a Wednesday night curled up on the sofa in my pjs and fluffy slippers.

Check them out

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